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Updated Rules!    

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 1:55 PM

Accelerate Sports

Volleyball Rules


? The behavior of all team members is the direct responsibility of the team manager.

? The team manager is also responsible for distributing all rules, schedules, and information to their teammates.

? Unsportsmanlike conduct toward officials or other players will not be tolerated. Violations are subject to suspensions from the league and/or game forfeiture at the discretion of the League Coordinator.

? The conduct of fans/children is the direct responsibility of the team and players. Fans/children must be seated in the bleachers and abide by the Accelerate Sports Facility Rules. While games are being played, fans/children must remain in the gym or lobby area only. The rest of the Recreation Center is off limits, as is the league equipment. Any misconduct by your fans/children will result in game forfeiture assessed by the League Coordinator and possible suspension of membership privileges.

Match Rules

Number of Players

? A Complete team consists of six (6) players, but a minimum of four (4) players is required to start and continue a game.

? A Coed team with enough players to start but not with the appropriate gender amount, shall receive a forfeit. Throughout the duration of the match, a minimum of two (2) females must be on the court at all times.


? The Roster limit of eligible participants on your roster will be 15

? Rosters must be finalized by week three (3). In order to participate in playoffs, each member of the roster must participate in at least three (3) league games.

? An Illegal player is anyone who participates on your team that is not on your Roster. If an Illegal player if found playing on your team during a game, that team receives an automatic loss of the match.

Length of Games and Matches

? The team first to score twenty five (25) points in a game shall win that game. A team must win by two (2) Points. Each match will consist of three (3) games. Best two (2) out of three (3) games wins that match.


? Accelerate Sports will provide game ball. Teams must provide their own ball(s) for warmup.

? If a team brings their own ball and would like to use it during the game, the opposing team must agree to this.

Court Area

? Courts are lined for boundaries as well as the center (net) line that divides the playing area.

? Any ball that contacts the ceiling may be played as it is on your side and you have hits left to play. However, the ball is considered out of bounds if the ball crosses over to the other side of the court.

? Beach Volleyball: The sand pits are lined accordingly for the division. (2v2, 6v6Men’s,

Women’s, Coed)


? To legally serve the ball, the player’s last contact with the ground before contacting the ball must be behind the back service line, anywhere along it’s length. It is legal if the ball contacts the net and lands within the boundaries of the court.

? Sand Volleyball: After the serve, you can contact the ball with an open hand tip, set, bump etc.

Successive contacts

? Players, blockers and/or opponents will only allow successive contacts in situations of simultaneous contacts.

Area of contact

? Players may contact the ball with any part of the body.


? Only front row players are permitted to block. Any player is considered as having the intention of affecting a block of the player places one or both hands above his head while in position close to the net to block the ball after the opponent's third hit or after an attack. An attack is defined as any third hit on one side of the net, or any ball that is played with the intent to send it over the beck. A block does not count as a team’s first play. It is Illegal to block a serve.

Contacting the Net

? Contact with the net is only a fault if it is made during the action of playing the ball, or if it interferes with the play.


? Substitutions will occur at the serving position and is unlimited. Subbing may only occur when there is a dead ball.


? You must referee your scheduled games. If a team does not show to referee a scheduled game, that team will have one win taken away and will forfeit their next game. I will assign officials starting WEEK 2.

* These rules may be revised/or altered at any time at the discretion of the league coordinator.*


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