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No Practice on 11/22
11/21/2017 6:27 PM
There will be no practice on 11/22 for either free agent team. Games will run as scheduled, thank you!

No Practice on 11/22!
11/21/2017 6:26 PM
There will be no practice on 11/22 for either free agent team. Games will run as scheduled, thank you!

Mens Flag Rules
11/21/2017 6:24 PM
Mens Accelerate Flag Football Rules
At the start of each game the captains meet for a coin flip, visitors call the toss.
Winner of the coin toss chooses offense or defense and cannot defer to the second half. Loser of the coin toss picks the endzone they want to defend.
Teams change sides after the first half.
If overtime is needed, another coin flip will take place. The offense will start from half field, and have 3 plays to score. If the offense does not score, or does not score 8 points, the other team has 3 plays from half field.  Who ever scores 8 points first or has the most points after both teams have had 3 plays, wins.
The offense has 4 plays to get 2 completions for a first down. Only 1 first down per drive.
The offense will start their drive at the 10 yard line.
The Quarterback cannot run unless he/she are rushed. (defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage)
One 30 second timeout per half. Timeouts do not carry over to the next half.
No cleats, only shoes or turf shoes. Shirts tucked, and no jewelry/anything metal exposed.
7 players on the field at a time, and the offense always needs a center to snap. All snaps must pass through the player's legs.
40 minute games with 19 minute halves and a 2 minute half time. Running clock. All playoff games will be 15 minute halves and 30 minute games.
All substitutions are made during dead balls.
Knee or elbow down of a ball carrier is a dead ball.
All players are eligible for a pass.
Quarterback has 8 seconds to throw the ball or else the play is blown dead. Unless the Quarterback is rushed, then the Quarterback has to run past the line of scrimmage before the 8 seconds is up.
Quarterback cannot run unless they are rushed.
Only 1 player can go in motion at a time, and that player must stay parallel to the line of scrimmage.
If a flag falls off without without someone pulling it, the ball is down where the flag falls.
Inadvertent whistles will result in replay of the down, or taking the ball where it was when the whistle blew.
No lead blocking, feet must be set to set a screen.
Unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated. Any player or coach who verbally or physically abuses another player, ref, or coach will be asked to leave the game/facility and could be grounds to be kicked out of the league with no refund.
Blocking consists of only screens (basketball screen). No extending arms, hands, or elbows.
No blitzing on the snap of the ball, anyone on the defense can rush the quarterback after 4 seconds (**counted out by the referee**)  and the defensive player cannot step on or cross the line of scrimmage until the referee reaches the 4 count. **Defense can cross the line of scrimmage as soon as a handoff or a fake handoff takes place
No stripping or forcing fumbles, the ball is dead as soon as it hits the turf and no live balls.
No hitting the ball out of a quarterback's or ball carrier's hands. Balls can be batted down defensively, but the ball must leave the quarterback’s hand first.
No grabbing of the clothes or body, flags only.
No charging or any purposeful contact on the offensive side of the ball other than screening (blocking).
No setting screens mid route, and there must be a ball carrier in a 5 yard vicinity to set a screen.
Once the ball is handed off or pitched (lateral), everyone on defense can cross the line of scrimmage and rush the ball carrier.
A fake handoff/pitch will result in the defense being allowed to rush the ball carrier, but if a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage the quarterback is allowed to run.
Interceptions can be returned during regular play and extra point conversions.
Interceptions will be placed for the offense where the flag was pulled.
Clock only stops during timeouts and half-time. Play clock will run continuously.
No flag guarding. (This includes stiff arms, dropping the shoulder, or any form of slapping the defensive player's hand away from grabbing the flag.)
5 yards in front of the endzone is a no run zone, the offense must throw to score within 5 yards. This rule only applies if and when you are running a play from the 5 yard line or in.
Safeties are worth 2 points, touchdowns are worth 6 points, Extra points are worth 1 (from the 5 yard line) or 2 points (from the 10 yard line).
1 foot in bounds with full control of the ball for a legal reception.
If the offense fails to score (turnover on downs), the ball changes possession and the other team takes over from the 10 yard line.