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martes, noviembre 21, 2017 6:27:17 PM There will be no practice on 11/22 for either free agent team. Games will run as scheduled, thank you!
martes, noviembre 21, 2017 6:26:45 PM There will be no practice on 11/22 for either free agent team. Games will run as scheduled, thank you!
martes, noviembre 21, 2017 6:24:58 PM

Mens Accelerate Flag Football Rules


  • At the start of each game the captains meet for a coin flip, visitors call the toss.

  • Winner of the coin toss chooses offense or defense and cannot defer to the second half. Loser of the coin toss picks the endzone they want to defend.

  • Teams change sides after the first half.

  • If overtime is needed, another coin flip will take place. The offense will start from half field, and have 3 plays to score. If the offense does not score, or does not score 8 points, the other team has 3 plays from half field.  Who ever scores 8 points first or has the most points after both teams have had 3 plays, wins.

  • The offense has 4 plays to get 2 completions for a first down. Only 1 first down per drive.

  • The offense will start their drive at the 10 yard line.

  • The Quarterback cannot run unless he/she are rushed. (defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage)

  • One 30 second timeout per half. Timeouts do not carry over to the next half.

  • No cleats, only shoes or turf shoes. Shirts tucked, and no jewelry/anything metal exposed.

  • 7 players on the field at a time, and the offense always needs a center to snap. All snaps must pass through the player's legs.

  • 40 minute games with 19 minute halves and a 2 minute half time. Running clock. All playoff games will be 15 minute halves and 30 minute games.

  • All substitutions are made during dead balls.

  • Knee or elbow down of a ball carrier is a dead ball.

  • All players are eligible for a pass.

  • Quarterback has 8 seconds to throw the ball or else the play is blown dead. Unless the Quarterback is rushed, then the Quarterback has to run past the line of scrimmage before the 8 seconds is up.

  • Quarterback cannot run unless they are rushed.

  • Only 1 player can go in motion at a time, and that player must stay parallel to the line of scrimmage.

  • If a flag falls off without without someone pulling it, the ball is down where the flag falls.

  • Inadvertent whistles will result in replay of the down, or taking the ball where it was when the whistle blew.

  • No lead blocking, feet must be set to set a screen.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated. Any player or coach who verbally or physically abuses another player, ref, or coach will be asked to leave the game/facility and could be grounds to be kicked out of the league with no refund.


  • Blocking consists of only screens (basketball screen). No extending arms, hands, or elbows.

  • No blitzing on the snap of the ball, anyone on the defense can rush the quarterback after 4 seconds (**counted out by the referee**)  and the defensive player cannot step on or cross the line of scrimmage until the referee reaches the 4 count. **Defense can cross the line of scrimmage as soon as a handoff or a fake handoff takes place

  • No stripping or forcing fumbles, the ball is dead as soon as it hits the turf and no live balls.

  • No hitting the ball out of a quarterback's or ball carrier's hands. Balls can be batted down defensively, but the ball must leave the quarterback’s hand first.

  • No grabbing of the clothes or body, flags only.

  • No charging or any purposeful contact on the offensive side of the ball other than screening (blocking).

  • No setting screens mid route, and there must be a ball carrier in a 5 yard vicinity to set a screen.

  • Once the ball is handed off or pitched (lateral), everyone on defense can cross the line of scrimmage and rush the ball carrier.

  • A fake handoff/pitch will result in the defense being allowed to rush the ball carrier, but if a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage the quarterback is allowed to run.

  • Interceptions can be returned during regular play and extra point conversions.

  • Interceptions will be placed for the offense where the flag was pulled.


  • Clock only stops during timeouts and half-time. Play clock will run continuously.

  • No flag guarding. (This includes stiff arms, dropping the shoulder, or any form of slapping the defensive player's hand away from grabbing the flag.)

  • 5 yards in front of the endzone is a no run zone, the offense must throw to score within 5 yards. This rule only applies if and when you are running a play from the 5 yard line or in.

  • Safeties are worth 2 points, touchdowns are worth 6 points, Extra points are worth 1 (from the 5 yard line) or 2 points (from the 10 yard line).

  • 1 foot in bounds with full control of the ball for a legal reception.

  • If the offense fails to score (turnover on downs), the ball changes possession and the other team takes over from the 10 yard line.

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